#7 -- Operation: Rabbit

Title - Operation: Rabbit
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1952

Reason for Placement --

Wile E. Coyote had made his debut 3 years prior in the classic Fast and Furry-ous, and having proven himself such a great character and classic villain, it seemed only natural to have him go up against everyone's favorite wascally wabbit.

It's pretty debatable whether Wile E. makes a better foe for Bugs or the Road Runner, but I personally have always loved it when he went up against Bugs, not only because he could now talk, but Jones and Maltese really gave us a character to hate. Wile E. is so stuck-up and full of himself that we love it all the more when his traps misfire and he gets it in the end. During his first introduction to Bugs, he goes on a long (obviously prepared) speech about why Bugs won't stand a chance against him, and Bugs gives him a look that clearly says, "Buddy, you deserve everything you're going to get... and more." The more he gloats about being a genius, the more we love it when Bugs gives him his comeuppance.

While Wile E. would return to hunting the Road Runner later that year in his next cartoon, Beep Beep, and would not be paired with Bugs again until 1956's To Hare Is Human, there is no doubt that Operation: Rabbit is one of the coyote's (and Bugs') best shorts. Wile E. may be a super-genius, but it's clear from the start of this short that as smart as he may be, he never stood a chance against one well-prepared rabbit.


  1. YES. THIS. I LOVE this cartoon. I remember Friz Freleng saying that he created Yosemite Sam because he wanted bugs to have a more intimidating antagonist, I think it's even funnier who's less furious, but still thinks he has the upper hand when, in fact, he does not.
    "And remember, kids, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'!"

  2. I thought I had seen every Looney Tunes from the golden age but this is one that I have not seen! I'm amazed, I wish Looney Tunes were available online somewhere so I could see it.