#24 -- Mexican Boarders

Title - Mexican Boarders
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1962

Reason for Placement --

Slowpoke Rodriguez is one of those characters that only appeared in a few cartoons (in this case, two), but everyone knows who he is.  The much slower cousin of Speedy Gonzazles, Slowpoke made his debut in 1959's Mexicali Shmoes, but it was in Mexican Boarders that he finally got his starring role.

Slowpoke shows up at Speedy's door for a visit, much to the surprise (and joy) of Sylvester, who's flat-out exhausted from chasing the fastest mouse in all of Mexico.  Speedy warns his cousin that he can't leave the mouse hole because of Sylvester, so Speedy ends up running back and forth for Slowpoke.  It's probably worth pointing out that this is actually the only time where Sylvester does indeed catch Speedy, but thanks to the bottle of tabasco sauce the mouse is carrying, he manages to escape.

What we all remember is what happens when Sylvester does manage to get his paws on Slowpoke, only to find out that the slow mouse isn't all that helpless.  In his first appearance, Slowpoke surprises the other two cats by pulling out a gun, but in this short, I guess Termite Terrace decided to make him a little less violent by having him hypnotize Sylvester into becoming his slave!   Slowpoke says it best: "Maybe Slowpoke is slow downstairs in the feet, but he's pretty fast upstairs in la cabeza."  

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