#37 -- Scrap Happy Daffy

Title - Scrap Happy Daffy
Director - Frank Tashlin
Released - 1943

Reason for Placement --

Of all the WWII-themed toons to come out of Termite Terrace, Scrap Happy Daffy is probably my all-time favorite. Daffy is helping collect a massive amount of scrap metal for the warfront, but the Nazis decide to send a hungry billy goat to eat away the metal before it can be put to good use.

After getting his feathered behind kicked by the goat, Daffy is about ready to throw in the towel (he actually asks for a can of spinach, nice little nod to Popeye cartoons), but images of his ancestors (who all took part in historic moments in American history) call on Daffy to keep fighting, because, "Americans Don't Give Up!" This is probably one of the most patriotic moments every to come out of the Looney Tunes, and while a line like this can probably raise a few eyebrows nowadays, you can just imagine how empowering a scene like that was to people during WWII. Corny, sure, but this is a toon that can really give us a sense of pride about our country.

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