#38 -- Compressed Hare

Title - Compressed Hare
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1961

Reason for Placement --

While taking a shower, Bugs gets a phone call from his new neighbor, asking for a cup of carrots to add to a stew. Bugs, being the good neighbor, is more than happy to bring over the carrots, but that's when he sees the name on the mailbox: "Wile E. Coyote -- Genius". A twitch of the whiskers, Bugs looks over his shoulder, raises his eyebrow, and that's all we need to see: we now know exactly what is coming.

While probably not Jones' best work, Compressed Hare is still a lot of fun, especially when we come to the last trap: Wile E. builds an extra-powerful electro-magnet, and gives Bugs an iron carrot (personally, I never understood why Wile E. thought Bugs would go for the faux carrot, he obviously can't bite into it, did he think he'd just swallow it whole?). Bugs, wise to the plan, pretends to eat the carrot and let's Wile E. turn on the magnet, sending not only the carrot, but also every single metal item in the rabbit's hole at him! Bugs turns to the audience to give his closing line... only to turn and see that pretty much every single metallic object on the planet is now heading straight towards them! You gotta love the idea of Jones' putting in one last joke, one that apparently, Bugs didn't even see coming!

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