#30 -- My Little Duckaroo

Title - My Little Duckaroo
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1954

Reason for Placement --

I'm probably going to get roasted alive for including this short and not its predecessor, Drip Along Daffy, but honestly, I've always liked this short a bit more.  There's more action, the animation is brighter, and the jokes are a lot funnier.

Daffy plays the Masked Avenger (Porky reprises his role as the Comedy Relief), and sets out to arrest and turn in Nasty Canasta for the $10,000 reward.  However, once he gets to Canasta's hide-out, he finds out that trying to get the upper hand on Canasta is easier said than done.  When the villain doesn't respond to his Masked Avenger costume, Daffy changes into the Freesco Kid (a scene often edited out of broadcasts), and then as Super Guy (a rather blatant Superman parody), but still doesn't get Canasta's attention.

The toon goes on with Daffy trying to find some way to take Canasta down, but failing miserably.  You just have to love the duck's determination to turn him in and claim the reward, even though it's common knowledge he doesn't stand a chance.  Even when he handcuffs him and tries to take him away, Canasta still doesn't move (even breaking the handcuffs like they were made out of paper).  

So like I said, this short always stuck with me a bit more than Drip Along Daffy (please don't get me wrong, I love that cartoon as well).  Plus, let's face it: it's Daffy being the greedy duck we all know and love so well.  He's not interested in justice, he just wants the reward.  

"After all, it's not the principle of the thing... it's the money."  

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