#35 -- Pizzicato Pussycat

Title - Pizzicato Pussycat
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1955

Reason for Placement --

When I was a kid, one of my teachers told us a story about how her cat would get on the piano and walk across the keys in the middle of the night. So when I first saw Pizzicato Pussycat, all I could think of was how she'd react if instead of hearing the random notes of the cat walking on the ivories, she actually heard music!

A cat discovers that a mouse can play the piano (and really well actually, the music in this short is pretty impressive). However, instead of letting the mouse get the credit, the cat hides him in the family's grand piano and lets his owners think he is the one making the beautiful music. When the owners call the press, the cat agrees to spare the life of the mouse, if he helps him keep up the charade.

I think that one of the reasons this toon stands out was Freleng's decision to not include any major stars. While he could have easily put Sylvester in the short, Pizzicato Pussycat works best with these one-note characters (pun intended, get over it). And like I said before, the music in this short is great, especially the jazzed-up version of Chopin's Waltz the mouse performs.

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