#100 -- The Great Piggy Bank Robbery


Title - The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Director - Bob Clampett
Released - 1946

Interesting Fact -- John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren & Stimpy, named this as his favorite cartoon on the commentary for Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2.

Reason for Placement--

This is a great cartoon, if not a bit overwhelming, which showcases the classic squash-&-stretch style that Bob Clampett came to call his own.  The story follows Daffy Duck, who (after knocking himself silly) fantasizes that he is Duck Twacy, a famous "detec-a-tive".  His first case: find the missing piggy banks that have been stolen all over town (including his own).  In probably the most memorable scene, Daffy finds himself surrounded by a number of villains, and standing tall declares, "You're all under arrest!"... the villains respond by growling and proceed to show Daffy no mercy. 

This toon would later go on to be parodied on Tiny Toon Adventures, with Plucky fantasizing himself as 'Pluck Twacy'.  All in all, not Clampett's best, but still a great toon.


  1. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery at #100, eh? I would have ranked it much higher myself. Bob Clampett and his crew did some of their best work in this cartoon.

    Oh well, at any rate, I can't wait to see the rest of your list.

  2. I would rate this cartoon as #1! It's my favorite Warner Bros. cartoon of all time.

  3. This Cartoon should be at number 5 at least. This is pure Clampett.

  4. Don't worry guys, I do enjoy Bob Clampett, there are just a few other cartoons of his that I have always enjoyed more, and they will be featured later on the list.

  5. Good start...a bit low for this particular entry, but you got a lot of marterial to work with

  6. I myself would place this as high as #3 or 2, but hey, as long as it's made the list, I'm satisfied.

  7. Where is "Corny Concerto" I love that cartoon :0