#52 -- Dough Ray Me-Ow

Title - Dough Ray Me-Ow
Director - Arthur Davis
Released - 1948

Reason for Placement --

Louie the Parrot finds his owner's last will and testament, only to see that the family fortune will be bequeathed to Heathcliff, a cat so stupid he actually has to be reminded to breathe! However, the will also states that in the event of Heathcliff's disappearance, Louie will receive the money.

And so starts Dough Ray Me-Ow, a classic short where Louie tries everything he can think of to get poor Heathcliff out of the picture. What makes this short so funny is that Heathcliff is so ridicuously dumb that he can't figure out that his "best pal" is trying to do him in! Of course, he's not able to outsmart the parrot's traps and tricks, so it's pretty much by dumb luck that Heathcliff manages to survive.

In the last scene, it looks like Louie has finally managed to get Heathcliff (using dynamite as candles on a birthday cake). As we see the cat's nine lives moving on, Louie brags that now he won't get the fortune, since he can't take it with him. Upon hearing this, Heathcliff's lives return to him, and he sits up, folding his arms and says, "Well, if I can't take it with me, I'm not going!"


  1. My all time favorite cartoon episode.

  2. This is my all time favorite cartoon episodes also. I can remember as a kid laughing so hard that I would be rolling on the floor in tears literally!!! Those were the good ol days indeed!