#79 -- My Favorite Duck

Title - My Favorite Duck
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1942

Interesting Fact -- First pairing of Daffy and Porky produced in Technicolor

Reason for Placement --

When it came to the Looney Tunes, those at Termite Terrace quickly realized that certain characters worked better when teamed up with each other.  One of the best teams they came out with, however, was Daffy and Porky.  In the early days, Daffy's mad-cap zaniness was perfect against straight-man Porky, and no where is this more evident in My Favorite Duck.  

Porky is out camping, but can't get any rest because Daffy won't leave him alone.  However, when Porky considers getting rid of the pesky little black duck, he is reminded that he will be charged with a fine if he harms Daffy, as it is not duck-hunting season (not rabbit season either, we had to wait another decade to get those jokes going).  

Michael Maltese really outdoes himself with the ending: duck season is declared, but as Porky starts chasing Daffy, the film breaks (a trick that would be used again in 1948's Rabbit Punch)!  Daffy comes out to tell the audience what has happened, but offers to fill them in on what happened... or at least, his version of it.  As he gets carried away with his story, a hook comes out of nowhere, grabs Daffy, the audience hears a crash, and Porky comes onto the screen, with his gun bent and carrying a delirious Daffy.  

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