#61 -- The Mouse on 57th Street

Title - The Mouse on 57th Street
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1961

Reason for Placement --

It wasn't out of the ordinary for a cartoon character to get drunk during the Golden Age of animation, but I'm pretty sure this was the only toon ever created that showed a character dealing with a hangover! In The Mouse on 57th Street, a nameless mouse eats far too much rum cake and gets drunk, only to have a piercing headache in the morning (not helped by the nearby construction). Hoping to find some relief, the mouse grabs what he thinks is a large piece of ice and ties it to his head... in actuality, it's a priceless uncut diamond, starting a police chase for the poor little mouse.

The toon is probably best remembered for the two policemen who catch up to the mouse, which gives us some great slapstick humor, especially from the lunkhead officer who exclaims, "Oh boy, da diamond!" every time he sees our protagonist.

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  1. One interesting trivia note about this cartoon, it was the last Jones/Maltese collaboration at Warner Bros. Mike Maltese went straight to Hanna Barbera after this.