#84 -- Napolean Bunny-Part

Title - Napoleon Bunny-Part
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1956

Reason for Placement --

Each director had a different angle for how they wanted Bugs Bunny to find adventure. For Freleng, he would often put him in a historial scenerio to see how the wascially wabbit would deal with famous figures from history. One of these was the 1956 release, Napoleon Bunny-Part.

Bugs, as he often does, takes a wrong turn and ends up in Paris during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. And, as usual, it doesn't take long for Bugs to get on the emperor's wrong side, which leads to a pretty great chase scene throughout the palace, along with Bugs dressing in drag as Josephine, Napoleon's wife.

In an interesting touch, Freleng uses another previous character in this toon: Mugsy, from 1954's Bugs & Thugs, plays a dim-witted guard who also tries to catch Bugs.

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