#74 -- Easter Yeggs

Title - Easter Yeggs
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1946

Interesting Fact -- This was the 500th cartoon released by Warner Bros.

Reason for Placement --

Next time you think you have a hard job, just be thankful you don't have to work as the Easter Bunny.  At least, that's the message I got from watching Easter Yeggs.

Bugs gets suckered into delivering Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny, who claims that his feet hurt too much for him to do the job (in truth, he tricks someone to do this for him every year).  Bugs ends up getting chased by Elmer Fudd, who is waiting for the Easter Bunny so he can make "Easter Wabbit Stew".  

Of course, there's another scene we all remember from this short: the Dead End Kid.  At Bugs' first stop, he encounters a bratty kid who breaks the egg in his face and proceeds to, well, beat the ever-loving you-know-what out of everyone's favorite rabbit!  "I-wanna-Easta-egg-I-wanna-Easta-egg-I-wanna-Easta-egg!"  Geez, and I thought the kids I used to baby-sit were bad.

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