#83 -- Dog Gone South

Title - Dog Gone South
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1950

Interesting Fact -- The Colonial from this toon made his debut a year earlier in Jones' Mississippi Hare as an antagonist for Bugs Bunny

Reason for Placement -- 

Charlie Dog has always been one of Chuck Jones' most interesting characters (though technically created by Bob Clampett in Porky's Pooch, it was Jones that helped shape the character with further toons).  He's not a bad guy, but he never gets his way in any cartoon he's ever been in.  All he wants is a good home, but the only way he seems to be able to do this is force himself on any poor soul he comes across.  

By this point in the timeline, Charlie Dog had pushed himself upon Porky Pig for three previous cartoons, so it was pretty interesting to see him work with a totally different character.  

In Dog Gone South, Charlie wanders onto the plantation of a southern Colonial (whose state-of-mind seems to be stuck in Civil War times), and tries to make it his new home.  However, there are two conflicts standing in his way: the Colonial already owns a dog named Belvedere, and HATES anything associated with the North.  Some of the best humor comes from Charlie's attempts to prove his Southern roots, and failing miserably.

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