#47 -- Night of the Living Duck

Title - Night of the Living Duck
Director - Greg Ford & Terry Lennon
Released - 1988

Interesting Fact -- Final Warner Bros. short to feature the voice of Mel Blanc

Reason for Placement -- 

After reading a comic book that ends on a cliffhanger, Daffy searches his room to find the next story, only to get knocked unconscious when his clock falls off the bookcase.  Upon waking, Daffy finds out he's the entertainment at a nightclub... populated by some of the most famous horror movie monsters ever created!  A quick scan of the audience shows us Dracula, Frankenstein, the Human Fly, the Mummy, a werewolf, Medusa, and a host of others.  

This short is probably best remembered for the song Daffy sings while on stage, with Mel Tormé providing the singing voice (this was the guy who wrote and sang 'The Christmas Song').  One of my favorite parts is actually how Daffy gets the ability to sing this way: he sprays a bottle of "Eau de Tormé" in his mouth, which makes him automatically start scatting!  It's a small joke in what is essentially a pretty funny cartoon, but for some reason, I always enjoyed that moment.  

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