#68 -- Curtain Razor

Title - Curtain Razor
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1949

Reason for Placement --

Porky almost gets the spotlight all to himself in this toon; while he is the star and there are no other major Looney Tunes characters in sight, he gets to share the short with a number of one-shot characters.  One could almost imagine this toon as a casting call for new Looney Tunes, it's almost too bad none of them made it past this one short (although a few would perform gags that would go on to be repeated in later shorts).  

Among the line-up, there were two parts that I always loved as a kid.  First, we are treated to a trio of singing birds (parodying Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Al Jolsen) performing their take on 'April Showers'.  When I was younger, I certainly didn't get the reference, nor did I understand when syndication started cutting out the Al Jolsen impersonator.  

The second is a very nice tribute to the man of a thousand voices himself, Mel Blanc.  A turtle comes in offering to literally perform 1,000 voices, but when he is done, Porky corrects him that he only did 999 voices.  The turtle, slightly dejected, mutters, "Shucks, I know I've got another one... well, I'll think of it."  Very nice touch. 

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