#86 -- Jumpin' Jupiter

Title - Jumpin' Jupiter
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1955

Reason for Placement --

In the last of what I personally call the "Scaredy Cat Trilogy" (featuring Claws for Alarm and, of course, Scaredy Cat), Porky and Sylvester are out camping in the desert when they are abducted by an alien from Jupiter. Their entire campsite is lifted into space, and as usual, Sylvester is left to cower in terror as Porky remains oblivious about what is going on around him.

This has always been a favorite of mine, maybe because it was never put on the air that often (there is one joke about Native Americans that might be taken as non-PC, but the rest is kosher). Most of the humor can be seen in the expressions of the characters: from Sylvester's horror as to what is going on, to Porky's annoyance as Sylvester refuses to be left alone. Another great gag is the recycling of another character: the alien from Jupiter is actually a dehydrated Martian from Hare-Way to the Stars. Chuck Jones has always excelled when it came to outer space-themed toons, and Jumpin' Jupiter is no exception.

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