#46 -- Hare Splitter

Title - Hare Splitter
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1948

Reason for Placement --

One thing I have always given credit to Termite Terrace was that when they made Bugs Bunny, they didn't try to create a female counterpart to bring in more of a fanbase.  Most cartoon characters don't need a partner of the opposite sex to be funny, they work well by themselves.  This is nothing against Disney characters like Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, they were always fun, but Warner Bros. was smart enough to know that most of the Looney Tunes characters did not need a girlfriend/wife to work (Pepe had Penelope, Porky had Petunia, and Foghorn had Miss Prissy, but that was about it).  However, every now and then they did give Bugs a romantic conquest, and one of the best examples is Hare Splitter.

Bugs is vying for the affection of Daisy Lou, but has to go up against his rival, a brown rabbit named Casbah.  When he gets to her house, Bugs sees Daisy has gone out for the day, so he decides to dress in her clothes and mess with Casbah in an attempt to drive him away.  Of course, what Bugs Bunny-toon would be complete without everyone's favorite rabbit dressing in drag?

One of my favorite moments is when Casbah starts grabbing Bugs/Daisy for a kiss, with Bugs fighting tooth-and-nail to try and get away.  During the struggle, he looks at the audience and asks, "Do all you girls have to go through this?!?"

Daisy (who does show up at the end) was never put in any other toons, but in my opinion, that's what works best.  Bugs never really needed a girlfriend, and I'm glad that Warner Bros. didn't try to force one on him... at least, not for a while (ok, seriously, who came up with the idea of Lola Bunny?).  

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