#89 -- Snow Business

Title - Snow Business
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1953

Reason for Placement --

Sylvester and Tweety find themselves snowbound in a cabin, and while there's plenty of seed for Tweety, Sylvester panics that he'll starve... until he sees that he has something to eat right in front of him.  Normally, this would be the formula for a pretty basic Sylvester/Tweety cartoon, but there are a few things about Snow Business that help it to stand out.  First of all, the duo don't start out chasing each other right away.  As it turns out, they're actually friends and pets of Granny (who, by the way, is trying to get to the cabin with a satchel of food before they starve).  This gives an interesting twist as we can actually see a real reason why Sylvester wants, or even needs, to eat Tweety.  

The second reason this cartoon stands out is the inclusion of a nameless mouse that is living in the same cabin, and has apparently become delirious from lack of food and starts trying to eat Sylvester.  This provides some of the best parts of the toon, including a scene where the mouse pulls Sylvester's leg through his mouse hole and tries to cook his leg on a rotisserie, and later stuffs his tail into a toaster.  Now why Sylvester doesn't try to eat the mouse is beyond me, but at this point, I'm willing to just sit back, stop asking questions, and enjoy the cartoon.  

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