#55 -- Bye Bye Bluebeard

Title - Bye Bye Bluebeard
Director - Arthur Davis
Released - 1949

Reason for Placement --

Porky is trying to deal with an annoying mouse when he hears on the radio that Bluebeard, a well-known killer, has escaped from prison. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, the mouse dresses as Bluebeard and proceeds to threaten poor Porky into giving him free food. Of course, it doesn't take long for Porky to realize that he's been tricked, but before he can do anything about it... the real Bluebeard shows up.

I always enjoyed this toon, mostly because Bluebeard is such an impressive character. When he first appears on screen, you can see why Porky got so scared when he heard the radio broadcast, this guy is freakin' scary! We never see him after this toon, but for an animated serial killer, he pulls it off.

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