#51 -- Rebel Rabbit

Title - Rebel Rabbit
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1949

Reason for Placement --

It's not everyday you see Bugs Bunny play the role of the antagonist, but in Rebel Rabbit, he's not just the aggressor... he's a national menace!  After finding out that the bounty for rabbits are only 2 cents, Bugs is furious, and heads to Washington DC to find out why.  As the game commissioner tells him, the bounty is so low because rabbits are harmless creatures (kinda makes one wonder why there was a bounty put on them in the first place).  Determined to prove that rabbits are indeed worth more than 2 cents, Bugs proceeds to become "more obnoxious than anybody".  

And when Bugs Bunny stirs up trouble...  look out.

This is one of McKimson's and Warren Foster's best pieces, if for no other reason than I was blown away by the amount of mischief Bugs cooks up.  He paints the Washington Monument, cuts Florida loose, fills up the Grand Canyon, turns off Niagara Falls, and even sells Manhattan back to the Indians (a scene often cut from TV broadcasts).  

It's already been established that villains don't want to get Bugs Bunny mad... however, after watching Rebel Rabbit, I'm pretty sure that NO ONE should get Bugs Bunny mad.  

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