#59 -- Rabbit's Kin

Title - Rabbit's Kin
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1952

Reason for Placement --

There were plenty of Looney Tunes characters that were given just one cartoon to star in, and then never heard from again. Some would become treasured icons, some would be recycled and changed for another director to use, and some would just fall by the wayside. One of these characters that really stood out was Pete Puma, who made his debut in 1952's Rabbit's Kin.

In this short, Bugs befriends an impossibly cute rabbit (nicknamed 'Shorty), who is trying to escape from Pete. This was always a fun cartoon, mostly because they were able to do so much with a single joke: "How many lumps do you want?" Seriously: three main gags, and they all revolved around this question. All Pete had to do was answer, and Bugs would whack him on the head with a mallet.

While Pete wouldn't star in another toon until 1997's Pullet Surprise, he's one of those characters that everyone seems to know and remember, both for his stupidity and his unique voice, provided by Stan Freberg. Warner Bros didn't complete abandon ol' Pete though: he would go on to make a few cameos in a couple other toons (including playing a waiter in Carrotblanca [#76]), and would become a regular background character in Tiny Toon Adventures (as the janitor of Acme Looniversity).

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