#53 -- Stupor Duck

Title - Stupor Duck
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1956

Reason for Placement --

In the early 1940s, Fleischer Studios released an animated Superman series, which quickly became one of the most popular animated shows on at that time. So obviously, it didn't take long for Termite Terrace to go ahead and create their own parodies of the show. In 1943, Chuck Jones released his short, Super-Rabbit, which put Bugs Bunny in the lead role. However, 13 years later, McKimson would come out with his own version, staring Daffy Duck.

In Stupor Duck, Daffy (while disguised as his alter-ego, Cluck Trent) overhears a villain named Aardvark Ratfink threatening his editor that he will cause a wave of destruction across the city until he is made ruler of the world. Knowing his duty, Daffy/Cluck changes into Stupor Duck and goes out to defend the city against the destruction. Only one slight problem: there is noAardvark Ratfink. His editor was watching a "corny soap opera", and Ratfink is a character on the show. But if you think that'll stop Stupor Duck from saving the city, you're dead wrong.

One of the best things about this short was that they actually put Daffy in the mold of Superman, he wasn't just himself playing a superhero. When he goes to "save" the city, he's not looking for fame or glory, he actually thinks he is helping out.

But regardless of what his motive is, it doesn't change the fact that Daffy simply cannot win. Thanks for trying, Daffy, but next time, we'll call someone else.

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