#93 -- The Stupid Cupid

Title - The Stupid Cupid
Director - Frank Tashlin
Released - 1944

Reason for Placement --

Love is in the air, and Cupid (played by a derby-and-diaper-wearing Elmer) is out shooting his arrows.  However, Daffy isn't interested, and tells Cupid off for shooting him last year and, as he puts it, turning him into a "has-been, a hen-pecked duck".  Cupid, needless to say, doesn't take this lying down, and nails Daffy with his biggest arrows, making the little black duck fall head-over-heels in love... with a chicken!  

The premise is simple and the style doesn't stand out as much as some other cartoons of the era, but Stupid Cupid was always worth a second look.  The humor is great, especially when Daffy starts chasing the chicken around the barn (I should probably note that a number of these visual gags would later be used by Pepe Le Pew).  Of course, a good chunk of the humor goes to Elmer, who plays easily the creepiest Cupid I've ever seen; never has his stuttering laugh seemed so ominous.

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  1. I always liked the bit you pictured, where Daffy is letting into Elmer/Cupid and Elmer's body contorts along Daffy's bill. Great stylization by Tashlin and great animation by animator-turned-director-returned-animator Art Davis.