#42 -- The Foghorn Leghorn

Title - The Foghorn Leghorn
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1948

Reason for Placement --

It's no surprise that Foghorn Leghorn worked best when paired with both Barnyard Dog and Henery Hawk, and The Foghorn Leghorn, which stared all three, has always been one of my favorite shorts.  

In an attempt to dissuade Henery from joining him on his chicken hunt, Henery's father tells him that chickens are actually huge ferocious monsters... of course, it doesn't work, and Henery follows his father to the hen house, arriving just in time to see his old man get beaten up by Foghorn!  Henery asks his father if the creature that attacked him was a chicken, but wanting to save face, tells Henery, "...that's just a loud-mouth'd schnook!"  

As with many other Foghorn shorts, we now get the classic gag of Henery mistaking Barnyard Dog for a chicken, and attempting to take him home.  In past shorts, however, it's Foghorn himself who tells Henery that the dog is a chicken, whereas in The Foghorn Leghorn, Henery just comes to the conclusion based on what his father has told him about chickens.

Some of the best humor, however, comes from Foghorn, as he attempts to persuade Henery that his is indeed a chicken, not a schnook.  This is a great set-up, as Foghorn is driven entirely to salvage his dignity, not realizing what'll happen to him once Henery realizes the truth!  

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