#85 -- The Old Grey Hare

Title - The Old Grey Hare
Director - Bob Clampett
Released - 1944

Reason for Placement --

It's one of the big questions that has boggled the minds of people throughout the ages: will Elmer Fudd ever catch Bugs?  Of course not.  But Bob Clampett attempted to give us an answer with The Old Grey Hare.

This is one of the more original cartoons to ever come out of Termite Terrace, because the action doesn't take place in the present time, but flashes forwards to the future to show how Elmer will continue to chase Bugs when he is ancient and covered with wrinkles, and then back to the past to show them fighting as babies.  In a way, one could almost look at this toon as the Alpha and Omega of the Bugs Bunny/Elmer feud, we see how it starts and how it ends.  

Personally, I seriously doubt Bugs would let a little thing like old age or even death stop him from tormenting Elmer, but this cartoon certainly sets up the idea of what it would be like if the fighting does one day come to an end.  

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