#57 -- Louvre Come Back to Me

Title - Louvre Come Back to Me
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1962

Interesting Fact -- Final Pepe Le Pew cartoon made before Warner Bros. closed their animation department

Reason for Placement --

Jones certainly picked an interesting location for everyone's favorite skunk to chase after the apple of his eye in his farwell toon. Pepe, enjoying Paris in the spring, chases Penelope into one of the most famous art museums of all time, the Louvre (as a former art student, however, I have to nitpick that Jones and Maltese didn't do their homework: half the pieces in the museum shown are not, nor were they ever, on display there).

Jones also added a second feature to this toon that gave us something new: Penelope is shown to already have a male cat lover, who rushes into the Louvre after Pepe to fight for his girl... if only he can get over the stench.

In the final gag, Pepe pulls himself and Penelope into the air vent for a little "privacy", which causes the smell to flow through the air conditioning, causing almost all of the paintings and sculptures to react! While Pepe's chases are always fun to watch, it's these visual gags that really capture our attention, as well as earning its spot on the countdown.

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