#48 -- Pigs in a Polka

Title - Pigs in a Polka
Director - Friz Freleng
Released - 1943

Interesting Fact -- Nominated for Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Cartoons

Reason for Placement --

Out of all the Termite Terrace directors, Freleng was probably the best at timing to music.  You can clearly see evidence of this in toons like Rhapsody Rabbit, Rhapsody in Rivets, and my personal favorite, Pigs in a Polka.

Parodying not one, but two Disney creations (1933's Three Little Pigs and 1940's Fantasia), Pigs in a Polka puts a new twist on the classic story; the pigs and the Big Bad Wolf is there, but the entire toon is set to Brahms' Hungarian Dances (specifically, Dances #5, 7, 6, and 17, which appear in that order).  

One of the best visual gags in the short is when the Wolf finally manages to get into the third little pig's house; while this had appeared to be a single-story house, all of the sudden the pigs are running up stairs and finding an elevator that takes them down about ten floors!  Where did all this room come from?  To us though, it doesn't matter: we're enjoying the short too much to question this change.  

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