#58 -- A Fractured Leghorn

Title - A Fractured Leghorn
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1950

Reason for Placement --

This was one of my all-time favorite Foghorn Leghorn shorts. Why? Because it showed his personality better than almost any other toon created. Ol' Foggy has to go up against a nameless cat (who would appear in a few other McKimson shorts) to see who gets to keep a worm they found. The cat wants to use it as bait so he can catch a fish, and Foghorn is eyeing the worm for his dinner.

Like I said, this was the short that showed us just how much of a loud-mouthed pain in the you-know-what Foghorn really could be. He quite literally gets in the cat's face, ranting and raving over just about anything, never gives him a moment of peace, all while yelling at the cat to be quiet (he's not saying anything) or to stop falling over as he pushes him to the ground! Imagine how out of breath Mel Blanc must have been at the end of the recording session!

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