#44 -- Lumber Jack-Rabbit

Title - Lumber Jack-Rabbit
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1954

Interesting Fact -- The only Warner Bros. cartoon filmed in 3-D

Reason for Placement --

Most animation studios have had one or two attempts to showcase films/shorts in 3-D, but with Termite Terrace, they only did it once, with Lumber Jack-Rabbit.  Now for the record, I've never actually seen this short in 3-D, just in regular 2-D fashion, so I can't really comment on how good the 3-D effects are or anything like that.  But regardless of that, this is still a pretty funny short.

Bugs, while on vacation, finds himself in Paul Bunyan's garden and helps himself to the carrot patch (claiming he's discovered a "carrot mine"); too bad he didn't count on Paul's faithful dog, Smidgen, who is responsible for guarding the vegetables.  

On a secondary interesting note, this was the last cartoon Jones did before temporarily leaving Warner Bros. to work at Disney (some sources I've found said the animation department was shut down for a short time, while others say that Jones left because he was unsatisfied with the end result of this short).  

1 comment:

  1. Jones once said that 3-D would cause people to have one red retina & one green retina - a la "Blue Crush" star Kate Bosworth only with red instead of blue..

    The narrator's voice is a really obscure fellow, Norman Nesbitt, heard in a few others from the studio. I don't know much about the guy myself. It's the only time that Bugs or any other Warner Bros.toon-character sings "Jimmy Crack Corn.."

    -Stephen J.Carras..