#56 -- Design for Leaving

Title - Design for Leaving
Director - Bob McKimson
Released - 1954

Reason for Placement --

When not being crazy or greedy, Daffy was sometimes pushed into particular roles in his shorts; one that was used in multiple toons was a salesman, where Daffy would attempt to sell various items to other characters (normally Porky and Elmer were the ones who got stuck listening to his salespitch). In Design for Leaving, Daffy works for a futuristic "push-button" company that has decided to install a number of devices in Elmer Fudd's house for a trial period. The fun really picks up when Elmer gets home and finds out what Daffy has installed.

I first saw this cartoon when I was a kid, and then years later, and I'm honestly still surprised that a number of the gadgets featured in this toon never caught on. Of course, it's probably a good thing we skipped gems like the 'Alcatrez Ascot Tie Machine' and the 'Upstairs-Downstairs Elevator', but you get the idea. And after seeing it again recently, I actually found myself wondering if this could become a new wave of reality shows: updating a house with modern technology, giving average citizens the "push-button" treatment! May not be a bad idea in the long run, as long as they remember to never, EVER touch the red button!

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