#82 -- Nelly's Folly

Title - Nelly's Folly
Director - Chuck Jones
Released - 1961

Interesting Fact -- Nominated for Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Cartoon

Shortly before leaving Warner Bros., Chuck Jones created a number of toons with one-shot characters and stories, amongst these was Nelly's Folly.  

This is a great story about a young singer who goes to the big city to find fame and fortune, only to become lonely and in need of a friend.  In her depression, she ends up in a love triangle with a married man, which ruins her image and destroys her career.  

Oh, and did I mention that this singer is a giraffe?  

Yep, a singing giraffe, voiced by the late Gloria Wood (a vocalist who dubbed the singing voices for many famous actresses, and also sang the original Rice-a-Roni jingles).  

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